Friday, June 20, 2008

Sometimes my sheer brilliance astounds me!

The one bathroom in my house that lives on in all it’s 70s glory is memorable. It has a peachish sink, tub and toilet. Which is set off by the speckled tannish tiles that go halfway up the wall around the bathroom; but perhaps the crowning jewel of the room is the Formica cabinet and built in makeup table. You might have been unaware that sink cabinets could be make out of Formica. I know I was. But the cabinet’s and makeup table’s glossy white, silver and gold marbleized looking surfaces call to me. I won’t tell you what they say because it’s private. (And my sister wants me to keep this blog rated PG.) I imagine in a different life I would sit at the table and beautify myself. But that image belongs in the same life where I imagine Will would not break perfume bottles or rub all the lotion on himself or line up all the makeup.

Above the sink in the wall tiles, there is a soap holder, a mini cup dispenser, and a toothbrush holder. Lizzy’s toothbrush got stuck. She asked for help. I tried to pull it out. I couldn’t. I tried to loosen it with dishwashing soap. That didn’t work either. Then I had the most brilliant idea in the world and I tried to hammer the toothbrush out of the holder. I broke the toothbrush holder off the wall. Now the wall is missing a tile. But even hammering it didn’t work! The toothbrush is still stuck in the holder only it’s not on the wall. Is that progress? I would have tried my electric knife only it was still on the moving van. Lizzy thought it was funny that her toothbrush was still stuck.

I really am the cool mom, but perhaps I shouldn’t be left alone with the house.


Anonymous said...

You are toooooo funny! Thanks for the laugh. Sorry about your wall.

Anonymous said...

Cool toothbrush!

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