Monday, June 2, 2008

Fly Traps

Banishing Will from the balcony didn’t really take. We sort of fixed the screen door. It just doesn’t slide. Anyway, a fly flew in the apartment. I hate flies. I follow it around for a while trying to swat it. My husband suggested vacuuming it up but all that resulted in was me looking like a fool dragging a vacuum around and waving the wand in the air. Jake and Lizzy made a trap. They put some beef jerky down as bait and had a basket and some rope. Then they waited a while by their fly trap. I didn’t point out any logistical problems, such as oh, I don't know -- the basket having holes big enough for the fly to escape through; because while their plan is to catch and release the fly, my plan is to kill it. My children are so pet deprived that all animal and insect life is sacred to them and I just didn't want to hear the, "How would you feel if you were a fly and someone killed you?" refrain again.

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