Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Sex and the City

I don’t understand all the excitement over the SATC movie because I never watched the show. I saw parts of a couple of the shows as I was flipping channels but I have never seen a full episode. The shoes, non-frumpy clothes, even the title seems so far away from my reality (at least since I’ve had children).

Poop in the Suburbs that would be a show I could relate to -- only far to well. But it would be cancelled the first season because who wants to see that? It’s too close to reality. One of my friends, who works with special needs children, told her husband when he wanted her to watch Supernanny with him, “That’s what I do all day. I don’t need to see it on TV.”

I think we all like to vicariously experience a different reality sometimes. Even some very odd people (like my sisters) who would rather clean than watch TV occasionally escape from reality by reading or seeing a movie. Maybe SATC is not my escape because either it is so far from my daily life I can’t relate or because I cannot conceive of spending so much money on a pair of shoes.

Or perhaps I’d just prefer to see one of the witches on Charmed kick some demon’s butt and I relate better to that. I think that’s it. I would rather be able to take someone down than to have a fabulous life and wonderful clothes! That is my escape – imagining I could firebomb all those threats to me or my children. Close your eyes and imagine how incredible that would be; government officials who are infringing on our constitution rights – gone, assorted terrorists – gone, miscellaneous people at the CDC or NIH who covered up the dangers of thimerosal—gone, George Bush – well, he’ll be gone soon anyway. I’m getting excited just thinking about it. Clearly discernible bad guys taken out by the good guys within 30 minutes, yeah – that’s definitely my idea of escape from reality. And until that becomes reality I’ll just watch it on TV.

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