Thursday, June 19, 2008

My House is Either Accident Prone or Quite Upset with Me!

It seems like one thing or another has gone wrong with this house since we’ve moved in. There is a huge broken branch on my neighbor’s tree dangling precariously over the wires connected to my house. (I foresee either a $1,000 bill in my future or a bad relationship with my next door neighbor.) There’s a row of four lights in my kitchen, two stopped working two days ago. The bathtub faucet, well, you already know about that. Half of my outlets in any given room do not work. I didn’t notice that the bedrooms, the office and living room lacked overhead lighting. One would think that with four phone plugs in a room I could find one that worked. No. You saw that coming didn’t you? And now my microwave stopped working.

Maybe with time our relationship will improve. Maybe the house is overwhelmed by the number of children that will be living here. Maybe it’s lonely for the old family. Maybe it’s scared. I hope it’s that! Fear I can work with.

1 comment:

The Hansen's said...

Oh Marjorie. I hear ya! You've got a friend in me!

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