Thursday, December 6, 2012

Do you remember when I said that everything would be better when Bri got her license?

Of course, that’s true but … a new question has come up.  The question being how many tires can Bri take out within 6 days?

(Hint:  If you note the question – it implies more than one occurrence.)

Answer:  So far (and I mean that) 3.  One last Thursday and two on Wednesday.

My husband just bought 4 tires and a spare and a rim.  I told him to keep the extra two tires because that way she can blow out 3 more.

And Bri doesn’t just put small holes in tires.  Touch your thumb to your first finger; now open that up an inch.  That was one of the holes in the tire last Thursday.  She ran over something then she drove on it … for miles.  One block from school she and Jacob noticed that the car was tilted.  We couldn’t get the jack under it so we had to have it towed home. 

Wednesday she called again in the morning.  My husband went to look at the car again.  He recreated the accident by following the plastic pieces.  She hit the curb, and then scraped a telephone pole -- taking out two tires and the side view mirror in the process.  Again we had the car towed home.

But on a positive note she immediately pulled onto a side street and parked the car.  And Jacob and she are getting mad tire changing skills!
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