Thursday, June 5, 2008

Electric Bill

Certain events cause you to look at yourself and realize how much you have changed. I had one of those moments when I called NSTAR to transfer our electricity and gas to the new house. As I looked at the bill I noticed that it had the wrong apartment number on it. It was still delivered because Kevin the mailman is one of my peeps (he even put a sock in my mailbox when it fell out of my basket when I stopped to pick up mail after doing laundry one day). I call myself his stalker. We’re pretty tight.

NSTAR tells me that I’ve been paying the bill on the wrong apartment, that our apartment doesn’t exist, and that someone else who actually lives in the apartment we’ve been paying for called and said they would pay for the electricity for now on. Uhhh, ok? Then NSTAR asks me to run down to the fourth floor and look at the meters. Even five years ago I would have been, “Yes, ma’ma. I will go down to the office, find a key, find the room, look at the meter, whatever you want me to do.” Now, however, I’m all, “No.”

NSTAR called back an hour later to let me know she figured it out. We just got a letter from NSTAR, we have a credit of over $200. I am so ordering gluten and casein free takeout every night until we move. It’s called plain white rice.

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