Tuesday, June 17, 2008

It Worked Two Days Ago!

I thought it would only take a couple of hours to clean my apartment and turn in the keys. We still had some stuff to move out so we were there until 1:30pm. It was unbelievable. By the end we were down to the weird, awkward stuff that you wonder if you should really keep moving from house to house. But we thought, “Hey, we moved it 2,400 miles, why get rid of it now?” We ran out of space in the trailer so we abandoned one mattress set by the garbage cans.

I had to drive back twice to pick up the kids from their bus stops. I got to the house and I didn’t know where anything was. I looked for a half hour for the box labeled really important bathroom stuff. I called my husband in frustration. The punk had hidden it in the bathroom!

My husband left for his six hour drive to Delaware and I tried to put things away. I was in the kitchen trying to find something to eat. Bri yelled, “Mom, Will’s poopy!” Jake had used the last of the toilet paper and poor Will didn’t know what to do. I put him in the shower. The water didn’t work. What?! Will had a bath in this very bathtub just a couple of days before. WHY DIDN’T IT WORK? Was it leaking? Was my house going to fall apart? Did I need to call the plumber? Is this a sign that I should not have bought this house? I put Will in my shower and left to find a towel. The only one I could find was a beach towel. I dried him off and he ran back to the other toilet. Ahhhhh. I yell for Bri to find me cleaning supplies. The kids tell me the downstairs toilet is plugged. In the midst of this my friend Marcy calls. She sends her husband over. Poor Tom, he thought that I would stop taking over his life once we moved out of the apartment. Yes, the part where I do my laundry at your house is over. But now it’s worse! My husband travels during the week, Marcy likes me and you have skills. It’s like having a second wife without any benefits.

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petunia said...

HOly cow. You poor thing. love ya!
- danielle your bestest niece

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