Saturday, June 21, 2008

I really did have to call 911!

Several guys came over to help us unload the trailer today. It's a sad commentary on the work ethic of children when other kids are more help unloading than the children who actually own the stuff.

Some of the furniture was scuffed. I wonder if it would have come through the move better if we hadn't shipped it to Dallas than shipped it back to Massachusetts.

My husband was disconnecting the spring on the pull down ladder to the attic when it hit him on the funny bone and sliced open his elbow. His arm immediately went numb and tingly, he thought he broke his arm and was really annoyed. A friend drove him to the emergency room and I tried to put things away in the house. Bri was watching Will in the back yard but he slipped away and we couldn’t find him. We searched the house and the backyards of the neighbors around us but we couldn’t find him so I called 911. I gave the police the wrong description of what he was wearing because I forgot I changed his clothes.

After what seemed like forever they showed up. A policeman found him down the end of our very, very long street and around the corner. I was so relieved! This is the second time police have brought him back home. Then I loaded him and Lizzy in the car to go pick up my newly sewn up husband.

And now some semi positive news: The toothbrush is out of the holder. I showed it to someone who swish, swish pulled it out without any tools! I was a little annoyed. I'm sure I loosened it with all the hammering! If he had pulled out the toothbrush then cemented the tile back then I would have been really impressed.

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Anonymous said...

Oh wow! Thanks for sharing more. That's quite the experience. I'm glad everyone is home safe and sound. I hope J heals quick!

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