Saturday, June 14, 2008

I am ½ completely thrilled with myself

It started a couple of weeks ago when I was watching Lost, Sawyer sarcastically asked Kate if she wanted him to make a mixed tape for her. That idea took hold of my brain and has not let go. My husband made me a couple of tapes while we were hanging out but I never reciprocated. I suck at some things like giving gifts and thoughtfulness. In some ways I’m kind of like a guy. My husband has never gotten anything from me for our anniversary (16 years, we got married young). I’ve actually forgotten it more than once. He can’t take it personally because I’ve also forgotten my own birthday. I can’t remember all my siblings’ birthdays either. (The only one whose birthday I know was born on Flag Day.)

I felt pretty bad when I realized that my mother’s birthday and Mother’s Day was in less than a week and I hadn’t done anything for her. I called my sister and asked her to get something and put my name on it. I still haven’t sent her any money, oops. If she took credit cards this would not be a problem! Now I have another problem, however, because it’s almost Father’s Day and I don’t have anything for my dad. I feel a little too sheepish to call my sister. In the future maybe I’ll ask for a revolving line of credit.

I’m not very good with gifts. I gave my husband socks for his birthday every year for ten years. At this point he has plenty, so now he doesn’t get anything. I asked what he wanted for Father’s Day. He gave me very specific instructions but . . . . we’re actually moving that day so he shouldn’t hold his breath; which brings me back full circle to my brilliance. I made him a mixed CD. He can listen to it during his six hour commute to Maryland and realize that yes, I am worth all the crap he has to put up with.

Uh, dad – Happy Father’s Day! Do you want a CD or do you take credit cards? BTW, I’m sorry I didn’t get you anything for your birthday either. You really may want to consider trading me in for a new daughter. (One of my sister-in-laws is extremely thoughtful. I’ll give you her number.)


Anonymous said...

You are thoughtful, you just have a short attention span. If you notice someone needs help you help.

There is a reason your nieces and nephews call you Mary Poppins.

Besides I kinda know what I got. If I had wanted to trade you in I've had plenty of time to do so.

'sides I already said I'd keep you.


Anonymous said...

PS I do take credit cards


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