Wednesday, November 30, 2011

November Books

Young Adult:

Dark of the Moon by Tracy Barrett:  If you want to read a new twist on mythology this is how it is done.  Yes, Rick Roridan I’m talking to you.

Entwined by Heather Dixon:  A new twist on the 12 Dancing Princesses.  I liked it.

Secondhand Charm by Julie Berry:  Female protagonist and unexpected story line.

Crossed  by Allie Condie:  The second of the trilogy.  Darker than Matched (my favorite of the two) sets up the third book.

Unearthly by Cynthia Hand:  I liked this.  Angels who don’t sparkle but have Glory.

What Happened to Goodby by Sarah Dessen:  Not a huge fan of Sarah Dessen (Brianne really likes her) because I’m probably too old.  This one was pretty good.


Edge by Jeffery Deaver:  Ironically I had already read this.  I checked it out again and realized that on the first page.

Neverwhere by Neil Gaiman:  Anything by Gaiman is really good.  This was as expected.  Interesting book, well-written., highly recommended.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Broken Window

The window that Jacob accidentally broke will cost $334 to replace.  Do you think if I  put a big bow on it, bring him in the play room Christmas morning and say "Merry Christmas!"  He'll say Best. Christmas. Present. Ever.?  What if I use Jazz Hands?

Friday, November 25, 2011

Thanksgiving and the Next Day

On Thanksgiving we had thirteen people over for dinner then we played games.  We played Agricola and now my friend Raskell is addicted to it.   “You’re welcome Raskell!”  (Really I’m just excited that someone else wants to play it with me.)  We are so much fun that some of our friends didn’t leave until midnight.  (Not that I blame them of course!  Reason 1:  I’m fantastic, Reason 2: Agricola is fantastic.)

Then Bri and I decided to go shopping Friday morning.  I set my alarm for 7.  I was tired but got up.  Selfishly I love the whole open at midnight thing (not really I think people should be able to spend Thanksgiving day and now the night with their families) because other people can wait in line and go crazy and Bri and I can show up at Target at 7:45am, get everything I want except a $15 handheld mixer thing and have to cashiers ready to ring us up.  Then we went to Old Navy where again the line wasn’t too long and then we went to Kohl’s.  Bri found a wonderful present for me to buy for my husband.  I cannot mention what it was because he reads my blog but it is fantastic and he really wants it (or at least he will once he gets it!).  Bri said she gets to use it while he is travelling.  Then we went to Payless because Bri couldn’t find any shoes at Kohl’s or Target.   I spent a frightening amount of money. Hmmm … oh well.

When we came home everyone else, except William because he was busy watching TV, was cleaning out the garage because a possum had been living there because the cat who sleeps in the garage apparently took out an ad for a roommate.  I explained to the cat that she is not allowed to get roommates, sublet or have loud parties in the garage!  She looked at me and walked away.  I decided to take that as agreement.

Sadly my kids had asked me if they could spend Friday not cleaning and I agreed forgetting that I had already agreed with their father that we would spend the day raking and/or cleaning out the garage.

Sad Face.

So when I got home I started blowing and raking up the five inches of pine needles that covered up my back yard.  We had already filled up 27 leaf bags so we were forced to take the additional 20? bags of pine needles and  dump them in our back, back yard behind our fence.  Hopefully we never decide to use that land for anything because it is 3 feet higher than it was when we moved in and I really really don’t want to bag that many leaves and needles.

I was raking so vigorously that I didn’t notice a blister the size of a grapefruit form on the bottom of the inside of my thumb until it popped.  (FYI: popped blisters sting when you do dishes.)  I mentioned to my husband that I probably have another ten hours of raking to do and he helpfully suggested that I have time next week when our children are in school.  So considerate, my husband.

My back and shoulders are quite sore. 

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

A Three Migraine Week

First Migraine:  A $550 pair of Tweezers

Oh, and it was definitely worth every penny! 

My main toilet backed up and I had someone come unplug it.  He had to come back the next week then I called someone else three weeks later.  Tweezers coupled with a small plastic medicine cup equaled the problem.

Migraine Two:  Our special education PAC exploded and now there are only three of us to do the work.  And we had already announced we were leaving when our terms expired.

Migraine Three:  Jake broke one of our windows in our four season porch.  He threw his wooden sword at something and hit the window. 

Friday, November 11, 2011

Another Moment of Being Fantastic

I took Bri and Lizzy to Target because Bri needed mascara.  I ended up with an eye shadow stick.  But I don’t know why I bought it because my tendency towards frumpiness usually extends towards the wearing of makeup.

I bought Lizzy two pairs of leggings to wear under her pants for the winter because she gets cold (genetic pre-disposition from her father) and I usually have her wear snow pants from December until April but then her teachers start saying things like “Lizzy, you don’t need to wear snow pants when there isn’t any snow.”  So I decided that long-johns or legging were the way to go.  She also decided she needed ear muffs and a slushy.

… Later that night she came up to me with her tooth in a sandwich bag.  “Mom, the last time I lost a tooth you didn’t give me money.”

“Go get a dollar from my purse.”

“No, it’s ok.  I’ll just put the tooth under my pillow.”

“If you want a dollar you better go get it.”

Impressive isn’t it that my children have to play tooth fairy for themselves?

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Instant Messaging Marcy

I posted "the only good thing about accidentally kicking the wall was that the ensuing toe pain distracted me from my headacheon facebook.

Marci asked, "What happened?"

I answered with the obvious, "Sheer unadulterated talent."

At which point she suspected possible impairment (which in my case can only be sleep deprivation because I am a puritan) and she instant messaged me, "seriously, what did you do?"

walked out of the bathroom

I killed the electric pencil sharpener, how is that for talent?

that's awesome someone should pay you for that

how much do you think I could charge to go around and randomly kill small electric appliances?

I don't know but I'll ask my husband to write you a business plan

you do that and let me know when he stops laughing.

come on ... surely someone would pay for that

And that my friends is why I love Marcy.

... because she dangerous.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

My loveliest Birthday Card!

The card came in the mail two days before my birthday because my friend loves sending cards and notes.  I lack in the card and note giving but I assume my friends and family forgive me because I’m charming, um … witty scattered.

An excerpt reads, “I marvel at the way you’ve taken life’s challenges, swallowed hard, and done your best.”

It’s not true … but I love the sentiment.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Cleaning out my Freezer

If there is any benefit to one’s power being out for four days due to a hurricane, it could be the necessity of cleaning out your freezer.  Although Will nearly went crazy and Marcy and Cheryl still laugh at the contents of my freezer I was glad that the universe forced me to empty it. 

(And I think that many people probably routinely have 14 packages of frozen peas and 8 packages of frozen mango in their freezer.)

But I’m curious about what the universe was trying to say to me when my power went out again over the Halloween weekend.  I had replaced some of the peas.  I had 4 packages.

Was that the problem?  Universe, do you not want me to buy peas unless I’m going to eat them?


I’m going to stop buying peas because I think it’s safer.
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