Wednesday, June 4, 2008

I hate making meatballs

I just made Will 2 cookie sheets of meatballs, bread and a double batch of cookies. The problem with having a child that turns into a stimming fiend when he eats gluten and casein is that it involves making a significant amount of food from scratch unless you want to spend a bajillion dollars on food.

The poor kid had gone years without macaroni and cheese until last week. If he saw the other kids eat some, he would plead for it and lurk around waiting for us to turn our backs on him. Then as soon as the coast was clear he'd stuff as much as he could in his mouth. Once I saw a box of gluten and casein free macaroni and cheese. (No, the box wasn't empty.) I bought the five dollar box and made it for Will. It was disgusting.

I found a recipe last week using rice macaroni and a white sauce made with vegan fake butter spread, soy milk and butternut squash. I called him over. "William do you want macaroni and cheese?" I asked. He was incredulous. What, me? He inhaled the whole pot. It wasn't bad. But I think it would have been better if I hadn't used vanilla soy milk.

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