Saturday, June 7, 2008

Luddite in a Strange Land

The world feels topsy-turvy when small or medium children are better at something than their parents. Bri is a computer wizard. I, who am impressed with my own brilliance when I figure out how to put songs on my iPod, have less “computerability” than she does. (Look at me going all George Bush on you!) She wanted to make cartoons. Her dad said he didn’t have time to help her but there was Movie Maker on the computer. She figured it out. Her new thing is Power Point. She made this amazing Jeopardy game with buttons, four categories, daily doubles . . . She’s probably spent twenty + hours on this. I blame her perfectionism on my husband.

My husband, who has an MBA and has been a consultant for 8 + years, watched her presentation, then asked her, “Could you show me how you made those buttons in Power Point?”

I’m still trying to figure out MySpace and Twitter. I didn’t want a MySpace page because, quite frankly, I'm just not that cool. But I wanted to see my friend’s. I had to join because her page is private. I wasn’t sure if it was worth the effort but I did it anyway. I think I sent friend requests to several people but I’m not sure. I thought about sending requests to my nieces and nephews but that could be awkward if they said no. On twitter I clicked on someone’s locked icon. A message came up: A request to read their tweets has been sent. I’m all nooooo, I was just curious about the locked icon. I don’t know that person and I really don’t care to read their tweets. That’s just great! Now a person whose name I don’t even remember thinks they have a cyber stalker. Not only can I embarrass myself in real life there’s also a whole other world for me to humiliate myself in. It’s called the Internet.

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Anonymous said...

I have a jeopardy template I use for my science kids. JD

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