Monday, November 25, 2013

Germany and Belgium

Maybe this has turned into a travel blog?  My dad called me at home yesterday to ask if I was still in Germany.  Of course, I said "yes."

My husband and I went to Germany last week.  We left Saturday and missed Bri's concert.  She is in the River's Youth Symphony and they played in WGBH's sponsored cartoon something at Symphony Hall.   So, that's a once in a lifetime event we missed.

We had a layover in Berlin so I signed us up for a 4 and1/2 hour walking tour.  It was so cold by the end I just wanted to go back to the airport and find an air vent to cuddle. Then we flew to Cologne for the night.  Monday we drove to Brussels.  We saw a couple of things bought a lot of chocolate and bought some lace for my girls to not appreciate.

Tuesday we drove to Ghent.  That is a very cool town!  We saw Gravensteen Castle, and climbed up a billion stairs to the top of a bell tower.  We stayed at the Marriott which had original building fronts.  They upgraded us because my husband has platinum status to one of the pained windows rooms at the front.

Wednesday night we drove back to Cologne because my husband had to work the next day.  We had a nice dinner with his European colleagues.  The next day I went to the Lugwig art museum and walked around the cathedral.  We had dinner with more colleagues. Friday I went to the NS Document Center because I like history.  We flew back Saturday and it took literally 3 days.
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