Saturday, February 27, 2010


I was in BJs looking at socks.  I told Marcy I would be by the bagels.  When she saw me she yelled “Squirrel” to get my attention.

. . . It worked.  

Then she picked up the Zu Zu pet in my cart and asked, “What is this?”  Why?  Well, just because I told her I only needed to buy two things at BJs neither of which were socks or a Zu Zu pet.

Marcy decided that I was somewhat like the dog in UP that was distracted by the squirrel.  I’m not admitting that’s completely true.  However, I will admit there is a certain amount of truth to her characterization. 

Especially this week, on Tuesday I went to a Celtics’ game with three friends.  The Garden was so visually overwhelming that someone may as well have been sitting next to me shouting “squirrel” every 15 seconds!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I didn't start yelling "Squirrel" until you did. But I think we both suffer from squirrel syndrome. Maybe they should add it to the DSM - V

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