Tuesday, March 2, 2010

on your holiday 0352

Will loves to listen to music on the computer formerly belonging to all the children but alas, now almost completely taken over by Will.  It’s to the point where we call it Will’s computer.  Bri is now trying to push me off mine.  She claims she is doing homework or writing her book but I know she is really tending to her Facebook farm or watching fish in her aquarium.

The other day Will was listening to Five for Fighting’s 100 Years.  I was curious what he had renamed it so I checked . . . naturally he’d relabeled it on your holiday 0352.  Yes, he named it after a Wiggles’ song.  When I told one of his teachers at MyGym she said his future career is obviously to be a DJ.  

Sure, but can you imagine the range of songs he’d play within a couple of minutes!

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