Friday, February 19, 2010

Harry Potter the Exhibit

I took Bri, Jake, Lizzy and Jake’s friend Ben to the Museum of Science for the Harry Potter Exhibit today; since Monday’s times were sold out by the time they reached the front of the line at 9:30.  It wasn’t bad.  Some of the exhibits were really interesting.  It would have been better if Alan Rickman had been there in person.  (Snape interested me from the beginning.  Proving, I guess, that I can be incredibly intuitive about children’s books, sometimes.)  Not that I would have anything to say to him beyond.  “I enjoy watching your movies.  Have a nice day.”

We exited the exhibit into a giant assortment of plastic for sale at exorbitant prices.  Naturally, my children were sucked into wasting, er spending their money on the attractive plastic pieces.  My children know that I will not buy such things, but if they want to buy something I will front them the money.

The damage:

Even with a 10% membership discount Lizzy spent $30 and Jake $12.  They would have saved money if they bought the plastic on Amazon, oh well.  I talked Bri out of spending $13 on a feather so I do have some limited powers of persuasion.

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