Saturday, February 20, 2010

More Hand Twisting

In the car yesterday, Bri started using the words “perfect” and “loyal” in every sentence she could.  She asked Lizzy what the other words her teacher told her to twist her hands to were.  “No, Lizzy!”  I said, “Don’t tell her any more.”

“I won’t.”  Lizzy said flatly.  “I hate doing it.”

“Then why don’t you stop?”  I asked.

Lizzy's teacher has this amazing sense of authority over Lizzy that I would buy from her if I could afford it.  Example, the other day Lizzy forgot her lunch so she ate school lunch.  When I told her we needed to send in money to pay for the lunch Lizzy didn't believe me.  I’m going to have to email her teacher to tell Lizzy that we actually do have to pay for lunch to get her to take in money.

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