Friday, February 26, 2010

Lizzy’s Suit

Jacob outgrew his suit.  Lizzy asked for it.  As she is very particular about clothing I let her have it.  She dressed herself up in it with one of Jacob's old ties and an outgrown shirt.  She wore it to her school concert.  She looked wicked cool!  (Albeit in kind of an 80s way.)  I worried that she looked a little like a boy with long hair.  But Lizzy wears what she wants to wear.  She’s worn the same outfit to church forever – pink eyelet skirt, blue top, pink hoodie sweater, skull ring, best friend necklace, pink striped ski socks that don’t match the rest of her outfit and black Mary Jane’s.  I can’t persuade her to wear anything she doesn’t want to and I no longer try.

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