Wednesday, February 17, 2010

February Vacation Week

I thought about saying “February Vacation Week …. Enough said.”  And leaving it at that for the whole week but changed my mind.  I think this post will come out as stream of consciousness but anyone who knows me should be use to that anyway.

I’ll start with my exciting news.  My husband and I are going to Mexico … by ourselves …. without children for four days.  (…. If I renew my passport – yes, I know I should have already done it but it is vacation week; thus life has completely shut down until next Monday.)  The resort doesn’t allow children.  I’m not sure how I feel about that because I enjoy looking at children even if they aren’t mine.  But we didn’t pick the place, it’s a work thing.  

One of Will’s old therapists is coming to visit him today because she misses him (and me of course, because I’m delightful).

My husband took the kids to the Museum of Science in Boston on Monday to see the Harry Potter exhibit but after waiting in line for a half hour to get in all the tickets were sold out.  So, I’m taking them back on Friday to try again.  This time I’ll buy tickets online, beforehand.  (Perhaps, I should do that now, while I’m actually on the computer.)

Jake and Bri are both having a friend sleep over this week -- one tonight, the other tomorrow.   

Polly tried to take Will swimming yesterday.  But because of the snow storm she was stuck on route 9 for a half hour.  Then she took him to the library which closed early because of the snow.  Interesting.  Last week Massachusetts shut down in preparation for the impending snow storm.  Our town declared a snow emergency and schools had an early release in preparation for the …. wait for it …. inch of snow that fell.  I have to admit that I think it’s funny how everything stops here for a big snow storm.  I grew up in Utah and I remember only one snow day when school was cancelled. 

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