Monday, February 8, 2010

The Tooth Fairy

On Saturday, I took Will to another sensory friendly movie.  I still don’t think he likes going but eventually, if even only over his dead body, he will have leisure activities that don’t involve a computer, his knuckles or writing on paper!  I’m slowly wearing him down.  My plan is for him to eventually sit quietly enough for him to go to any theatre with anyone.  

We ran into one of his old therapists there.  She is a lovely person and Will is almost as tall is she is, hehehe.  (That is actually nervous laughter because I know Will is going to be a giant and much larger than Jacob and oh, how I wish the opposite was true; because I can imagine all of us hanging on an appendage while he easily shakes us off.)

Tom was at the movie with Pete; so, Will sat by Pete.  It was kind of like going to the movies with a friend.  (I know.)  But I still thought it was cute.  Will even laughed during the movie. 

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