Wednesday, February 10, 2010

While reading Lizzy paused, held the book with her elbows, and twisted her hands

I have a few small pleasures in life:  chocolate, Jon Stewart, reading.  One of my current favorite activities is gently teasing Lizzy.  Her teacher told her class to twist their hands in the air whenever they hear certain words.  I found this out when I said “perfect” to Lizzy and hand twisting commenced.   

For about two days Bri and I included the word “perfect” in every sentence we could and Lizzy gamely played along in spite of Bri’s and my laughter.  I found another word out, but naturally, forgot it almost immediately.  The other day I said “perfect” while Lizzy was playing a song on the piano and she paused mid-song to twist her hands in the air.  Since then, I’ve made a point of never saying “perfect” while Lizzy is practicing.

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