Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The Water Turn

My sister has a huge garden behind her house. They irrigate it once a week, if we are at her house my kids love to go and consider it a highlight of our vacation.

They fill up a long ditch with water and everyone grabs boogie boards, swimsuits, and prepares for a giant water fight. The kids play on a slide, try to float in small swimming pools or on boogie boards, while trying to avoid being thrown into the water or having water poured on their heads by their father or each other. I was taking pictures of the kids when my brother-in-law Charlie tossed some water at me. I, of course, pick up that gauntlet (of water) and toss it back at him. The fight was on. It was basically everyone, eight kids and me, against Charlie and he still won!

It was so much fun. They have another water turn Saturday night and I am so coming back to take Charlie down!

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