Saturday, August 23, 2008

These are the kinds of things my family talks about

Bri just asked me if we can switch from butter to margarine because her health teacher told her it was healthier. Maybe I’ll buy Bri her very own special tub of healthy margarine.

Lizzy: “Do you know what I like about restaurants? You don’t have to clear your dishes. You just leave them on the table. It’s awesome!”

Jake, as we pull into a French and Italian Pastry and Cake store: “Dairy Freeze is across the street.” Clearly, this child does not understand the difference between good food and fake ice cream.

My husband: If William were a dog what kind would he be?
Answer: Doberman pincher

Lizzy referring to a microscopic wound: “Blood is squirting out of it!”

Jacob taunting a 3 year old on a playground: “I know Tae Kwan Do.” He’s been taking it for two months.

After Will dumped out half the salt shaker on the table, Lizzy said, “It’s not funny Jacob.” Jacob and I both beg to differ.

Me: “Jacob, why are you wearing your suit jacket?”

Jacob: “Because I want to be Darth Vader.”

Five minutes later,

Me: “Jacob.” No response. “Darth Vader.”

Jacob: “What?”

Me: “Lizzy have you brushed your pancakes?” The worst part of it, I didn’t even notice until Lizzy started laughing at me.

Lizzy: “Jacob, why am I holding the door? Aren’t you supposed to be the gentleman?”


Anonymous said...

Brush your pancakes? That is good. My mom was at the doctor recently and was asked if she has any problems with slurred speech. My mother promptly answered, "Nope, I don't spur my sleech." Of course this is the woman who asked Claire if she wanted to go eat at Kenchicky Fried Tuckin and see the movie "Carrots of the Pirabean".

Anonymous said...

Too funny! Love it!

The Hansen's said...

I won't mention the time J and I were with my parents right after Fuddruckers opened and he said he wanted to go and eat at Rudd*#&@ers.
Pretty darn funny.
I believe I have a shirt of Bri's...I will send it to you as soon as I find a free second!

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