Monday, August 18, 2008

Delta is pronounced Delda

We visited one of my in-laws in the middle of nowhere Utah. We went out to Topaz mountain to hike around. While we were there Lizzy found the jaw of a fox, then another bone. She decided to start a bone collection. All was well until Jake shouted that he had found the "skull and butt" of a rabbit. Then they started fighting over who should keep the bones! Jake resolved the argument by suggesting that Lizzy had the fox bone collection and he had the rabbit bone collection. I was naturally thrilled they were developing an interest in science.

Then Bri found the bones still in the process of decomposing. I put my foot down over having a slimy bone collection.

Other people find trilobites or topaz when they go to the Topaz Mountains. Why do we go home with rabbit butts?

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Anonymous said...

Well, you kids are [insert our last name]! Oh, I know that feeling.

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