Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The Day Before School

Sunday night J. proposed catching an earlier flight home. There were 13 open seats on the 6:10am flight to DFW. So, we decided to wake the kids up at 4:00am and gamble that we could all get home before midnight.

Success. We landed in Boston at 3:30pm. So, we got in about an hour after we would have left SLC. It gave me full day to try to get it together for school tomorrow.

The flight wasn't too bad. I sat by Will the first leg and by Lizzy the second. While I was sitting by Will I went deaf from the excess fluid in my head. But unfortunately, my hearing came back for the second leg. It would have been more useful to be deaf while I was sitting by Lizzy as she had less than six hours of sleep the night before.

I woke up in this morning and tried to figure out what I had to do today. I tried to figure out the kids' buses. Silly me thought that if I filled out the correct address on the bus form that Bri’s bus schedule would be fine. It wasn’t. I had to drive to two schools today to try to fix bus routes.

Then I took Will, Lizzy and Bri to buy shoes. Wasn’t fun. Will didn’t want to look at any shoes and spent the entire time wandering the store. I decided to buy him shoes another time when he wasn’t present. We couldn’t find the special shoes Lizzy wanted. And while Bri was debating between which pattern she wanted on her shoes Will was laying down on the floor making loud noises.

I may have to drive my children back and forth to school for a few days, but now I have perspective -- at least I don’t have to shoe shop with all four of them!

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