Saturday, August 2, 2008

My New BFF

On Thursday, I made myself a sandwich, found a couple of books and headed up to Woburn. I had Jury Duty. The first thing I did when I got the letter was to look up when I last had Jury Duty. Unfortunately, it was three months past two years so I decided to just get it over with. I had learned from my last experience and left my weapon, AKA a cross stitch needle at home. I know. I know. I should know better but I never really do!

I went in the room and was given a number -- 11. I didn’t know enough then to be concerned. Of course I made it on the Jury. It was interesting. The guy was definitely guilty of being a drunk, pompous jerk. The police were definitely right not to allow him to drive home but we decided he was not guilty of resisting arrest; although, it was close -- he met 3 out of the 4 criteria; and not guilty of disorderly conduct.

After it was all over I went downstairs to the bathroom. Naturally, I met the guy walking down the stairs with his lawyer. He said, “Thank you,” and something else. I said something noncommittal in response thinking all the time, “Can I lecture him? Is he obligated to listen to me since we let him go?” On the way back up the stairs I RAN INTO HIM AGAIN! He said, “Thank you,” again and that we “had renewed his faith in the legal system.” I thought, “Can I lecture him? I really want to tell him we didn’t believe a lot of his testimony and that it is really, really stupid to yell obscenities at cops over and over and over again! It is also very stupid to tell them to go to college and that they don’t know what they’re doing!” Then I could follow up with, “I am glad the police stopped you from driving home drunk.”

The guy wants to chat with me. I don’t want anyone at that court to think I know him! I might as well walk up to the bailiff and say, Mike, you know that guy I just voted not guilty? Yeah, he’s really my BFF.” Response: “Oh, really Miss? Well, please come with me.” I start slowing down so I’m walking behind the guy.

We walk out in the parking lot and he’s still trying to talk to me! I guess he thought that we were on his side. I admit that I felt sorry for him that he’d been sprayed twice in the face but by no means was I impressed with him. I really have no desire to have a conversation with the guy unless I get to lecture him! Fortunately, he got called back into the Courthouse to collect his bail money and I fled to my car.

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