Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Anticipating a Migraine

I am flying to Utah for a vacation with Jake, Lizzy and William. Because we are using my husband’s frequent flyer miles our flights leave something to be desired! We fly to New York, then Dallas, then Salt Lake City. I am a little concerned about William screaming and causing us to be kicked of a plane. So, I wrote him a social story encouraging him not to scream or pinch me. We’ll see what happens. I plan on drugging him with chips, marshmallow and books on tape.

In honor of flying I am posting something I wrote before I started this blog. I’ll just assume that this doesn’t come back to haunt me, AKA being selected for extra screening.

Last Wednesday, I flew to Utah and guess who got selected for extra screening? Yes, that’s right. You can all feel safer now you know that I received extra screening! As I waited in the special line right behind a devout Jewish family with three young children (clearly terrorists as well) I thought well at least I don’t have William with me that would have even been more suspicious. You know middle aged mother of four going to her grandmother’s funeral -- clearly a terrorist. I may as well have been flying to an Al-Qaeda training camp. I watched them check my suitcase, my purse, my coat . . . and I only had one thought. If you can’t find the tampons in the “secret,” hidden zippered pocket in my purse maybe I’ll hide the box cutter there the next time instead of swallowing it. I didn’t mention my view that extra screening is useless, nor did I mention that planes aren’t any safer now because I didn’t want to be strip searched.

Anyone who is religious (or not) may want to consider praying for me.

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Anonymous said...

I still laughed the second time reading it. Hehehehehe!
Enjoy the trip :)

btw I wasn't predicting you wouldn't survive the trip. I only listened to your predictions! Ha! So there!

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