Friday, August 22, 2008

Genetics or Yet Another Reason to Blame my Husband

We are visiting my husband's grandma in Idaho. Jake and Lizzy showed her their Tae Kwan Do forms. Then, of course, Jake started discussing ways to kill and maim stangers who would hypothetically try to kidnap him. My husband's feisty 91 year old grandma taught them another couple of ways to injure attackers. No one better mess with my kids because their great-grandma just taught them the best way to poke someone's eyes out!

Jake's current "obsession" with stranger danger I blame on my sister and her husband who we just visited in Idaho Falls. Monday night they dicussed safety with their children before they went back to school. And although, I told them that statistically speaking most children are kidnapped by family members rather than stangers; they still felt the need to talk to their children about safety. Obviously, the message resounded with my children too.

I guess my sister isn't worried about me kidnapping her children because I even found out their "safety code word." My family doesn't even have a code word.

I'm getting a little tired of all my sisters being better mothers than me!

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