Sunday, August 24, 2008

Cowboy Up

We fly back to Boston on Monday and I am not looking forward to the flight. Bri and my husband are on a different flight, but will try to change to the same flight we are on. Hopefully that will work out. As my husband was discussing options he suggested that if he could upgrade that Will and I could sit up in first class. I countered that Brianne and I could sit in first class and he could experience my flight to Utah only 18 short days ago.

This was not the first time I have flown alone with my children. I have frequently done it. Jake's expectation that anyone he sits next to will want to talk to him and share their food comes from an actually experience.

About four years ago, I flew into T. F. Green with all the children. Jake sat across the isle from me next to the nicest woman and man who actually gave him all their fries and would have given him a sandwich as well, if Jake had wanted it. They were incredibly nice to him and everything was great until after the plane landed. That's when Jake asked the woman, "Do you have any weapons at your house?"

The woman looked at me in horror! Any previous good opinion of me excised. "No!" She firmly and decisively replied, "We do not have any weapons at our house!"

I didn't say anything, feeling that if I tried to explain what Jake meant I would sound defensive and possibly not believable. But Jake took care of the situation by saying, "I have a lightsaber!"

"Oh," replied the woman, "I guess we do have some weapons at my house, too."

Realistically, our trip home will include William repeatedly pinching my elbow (something he started doing on our trip out) hundreds of times, Jake talking non-stop to anyone he sits next to if they allow it, Lizzy requesting things I can't give her and since I have a cold I am anticipating a major sinus induced migrain.

Good times. Good times.

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