Friday, August 15, 2008

Thanksgiving Point

On Tuesday, we went to Thanksgiving Point with my sister Jane and her kids. We went to the Children's Discovery Garden and the main Gardens. The garden was spectacular! It's like an oasis in the middle of a desert.

My kids loved the discovery garden because they like to touch things and go through mazes. It has a little lighthouse that the kids can climb up. While the kids waited in the slowly moving line for their turn, Will explored. First he cut to the head of the line in the lighthouse. He decided that he wasn't impressed and left. He found a shady spot of grass and sat down by a random guy.

The guy looked over at Will because he sat down quite close. Then Will put his arm and head on the guy's arm. My sister walked over to keep an eye on Will while my niece Danielle and I started laughing. After Will touched him a couple times the guy started started making human beat box sounds. Will was really interested and touched his face a couple of times to see how he was doing it. Then Will asked for the ABCs song. So, he sang that a couple of times. Then Will wanted the beat box again. All this time Danielle and I were laughing hysterically. But Will was delighted!

Then we decided to see the waterfall. Will didn't want to go to the top so Danielle "watched" him roll down the hill a couple of times and jump in the pond.

It's interesting to watch Will break all the social rules. He finds simple things enjoyable. Things such as swinging or having Charlie and Danielle read the Cat in the Hat Comes Back about a billion times. I feel that Will's an ambassador for autistic kids. Actually I'm kidding. I just can't figure out a way to wrap him in a gigantic plastic bubble where he won't bother anyone and still be part of the world. I think that most people will be kind if they think about it and the others . . . . well, they need to learn.

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