Tuesday, August 19, 2008

For a Full-On Driving Experience . . .

When we traded in our car rental for a larger van it came with a few upgrades -- such as a built-in DVD player; a few quirks -- such as having only one automatic door that worked; and one unwanted "perk?". We had just picked the van up and driven to my sister's house when my husband looked down between the two front seats and asked me, "Is that your razor blade?" Although, I routinely carry razor blades around with me in case I get mugged, this particular one covered with powder did not happen to be mine.

Fantastic! We have a car in which I do not want the kids to smell the upholstery for fear of getting high. We debated over calling the police. But I didn't want our transportation to be inpounded while we were interrogated for drug running. We settled on calling the rental company -- who simply told us to throw the razor blade away.

The other item we found in the van was a coloring book.

Drugs, coloring book -- interesting dichotomy. I guess you need something to keep the kids occupied while you are busy in the front seat!

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