Saturday, March 26, 2011

Maybe it took (the house, silly!)

Is that like saying maybe I’m pregnant?  I can hear Marcy in my head saying there’s no maybe about it, you either are or you aren’t.  So technically we didn’t buy the house.  But baring it burning down, a homeless person blowing it up, and a tornado scooping it out of the ground we will buy it on Monday. The bank, naturally, didn’t get a paper to our lawyer in time to register the deed on Friday; but was on top of things enough to cancel the electricity in the house on Friday.  But since the sump pump curiously enough needs actual electricity to work (no, really!) we are paying for utilities in a house we do not own.  (Regretfully we decided not to go with the indoor basement wading pool option.)  

 I have declared March 25th my official “Pay for Someone Else’s Utilities Day” and have decided to have everyone submit their proposals through the bank we have been dealing with (thus insuring I will never need to actually pay for anyone’s else utilities but will be able to claim that I do – I know, I’m brilliant and very, very kind!) providing certain conditions are met*.

Naturally Monday morning I will drive over to the house to make sure it is still standing before we permanently adopt it as our problem.

*Which I will make up and change at will. ;-)


Big Daddy Autism said...

You really should wait til a Friday the 13th rolls around to close. Then you could bring your blcak cat and break a mirror in celebration.

Life as the mother of 4 said...

That does seem appropriate. Thanks for thinking of ways to make this experience even better!

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