Thursday, March 17, 2011

“Have you ever considered that the universe just doesn’t want you to buy this house?”

Marcy asked me.  I’d called her to let her know that the house we’re attempting to buy had experienced a flood.  The sump pump wasn’t turned on and judging from the water line in the basement there was over a foot of water in it.  There is a bright side to the flood.  My dad was concerned about the homeless person possibly living in the basement – well, I can pretty much guarantee no one is living in the basement now!

As we walked through the basement with our realtor, I laughed.  At this point, it’s just getting funny.  The bank agreed to give us a credit but now we have to postpone the closing by two weeks.  My husband joked to me that we haven’t had a fire yet.  When our realtor called this morning … I didn’t want to answer the phone.  I did, and luckily no fire.

… at least not yet.


Anonymous said...

Get this - our INSURANCE AGENT of all people, asked me the same question - "do you think the house is sending you a message?"

I'm not superstitious. With every re-schedule the cost goes down, and we get closer to warm weather where the heat will cost less and it will be easier to rent.

--Father of 4

Big Daddy Autism said...

I heard there is a meteor shower heading your way.

Life as the mother of 4 said...

That is the most awesome comment ever!

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