Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Anticipating Drowning in Greens

I signed up for a share in a CSA again.  A couple of years ago when I had a share for the summer I was overwhelmed by the amount of vegetables I received and decided to go back to my twin loves – chocolate and French fries.  I’ve reconsidered.  And I’ve roped some friends into doing the same.  This seriously better work out or I’ll lose 6 friends over organic vegetables.  (Which would be just sad!)

They’re coming soon so, I figured I better look in my fridge and force feed my children to make room for the abundance of produce coming.  I looked at the website to see what was coming and it looked good.  Well, except for the Swiss Chard luckily my husband and Lizzy will eat that.


Big Daddy Autism said...

I have no idea what a CSA is nor what Swiss Chard may be. Also, these things you refer to as "produce" and "vegetable" are completely foreign to me as well.

Life as the mother of 4 said...

Produce and vegetables are in the supermarket but not in donut, chocolate or french fry isles. Sadly!

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