Sunday, March 6, 2011

The Best Gift Ever!

A couple of months ago Lizzy saw a little tool kit I bought for her and never gave her.  I didn’t give it to her because my husband thought it would be better to buy her a tool box and actual tools.  He has been waiting for a project to come up before giving it to her.

What I think happened was we both forgot about it.  Because a couple of months ago when my husband was helping two scouts build stools in our garage Lizzy built one too.  But Lizzy didn’t forget about the tool kit.  She came up to me this morning.  “Mom, do you remember the tool kit I found a while ago?”


“Who is that for?”

“Well, it was for you but dad decided to buy you a real tool kit instead.”

“Seriously!  Does it have a chalk line?  Because a chalk line would be the BEST. GIFT. EVER!”


Big Daddy Autism said...

Best. Reaction. To. A. Gift. Received. Ever.

Life as the mother of 4 said...


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