Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The Money Pit

Years ago I watched the movie The Money Pit.  Today I came to realization that that’s my life.  But instead of spending money on my house with the expectation that eventually I’ll have a mansion with lovely furniture and artwork to live in; I spend it on my children.  With only the expectation of payback being that eventually they’ll let me move in with them, wait on me hand and foot and provide grandchildren for my amusement.   Currently, aside from listening to Bri play the piano, William talk, and reading a paper written by Jacob there’s not a lot of return.

That being the case, I’ve decided to rename the children MP I, MP II, MP III and MP IV – the Roman Numerals just make it classier don’t they?  I do have systems in place to benefit from monies already expended.  Examples:  1. Since I have already spent enough money to build a hovel in some part of the world on MPI’s piano lessons, I pay her $5 a lesson to teach her siblings.  2.  MPI and MPII babysit MPIII.  3.  MPIV empties the dishwasher.

However, the costs keep increasing.  MPI talked me into letting her go to Quebec with her French class (mom, it’s educational – sure it is), getting her a cat aka Mini-MPI, and paying for a lot of crap.  MPIII … well, anyone who knows … knows the amount of money spent on him.  MPIII pays me back with the occasional pinch, but also lets me give him butterfly kisses.

That’s it!  They can’t move out until they pay me back!

… Uh, wait. 

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Anonymous said...

Is that how it works? I thought the beauty of grand children is that they visit.

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