Saturday, March 12, 2011

Mental Health Day

I slept in until 6:00 Friday morning.  Then I got up to take Bri to catch her bus to Quebec at her high school.  I got the other kids ready for school, sent them off and tried to decide whether Will was sick or not.  It can be difficult to decide if someone who is somewhat verbal is sick.  You look at symptoms.  Will didn’t have a fever, runny or stuffy nose, a cough.  He didn’t throw up.  He woke up early.  He ate his usual breakfast.  I showed him his picture board of various ailments and asked how he felt … nothing.  But, unusually, he sat on the couch with a blanket.  I finally decided to send him to school because he started to loudly vocalize.  At which point I decided to call a mental health day and stay home.

It was a damp, depressing day alternating between rain and drizzle and I didn’t want to go anywhere.

I noticed Jake’s lunch on the counter, forgotten for the second straight day.  I knew he’d call me so I decided to proactively bring it to his school, pay for his previous day’s lunch and stop by the grocery store on the way home to get a graham cracker pie crust and some lime juice for the pies I decided Jake should make for the dessert auction, scheduled Saturday night, to raise money for his scout camp this summer.  Naturally, I decided after I went to the grocery store the previous day because that’s just how I roll.

Returning home I prepared to start my mental health day.  I grabbed a blanket and the first disc of Life season 2.  I watched the entire disc.  Pausing only to get a cup of ice cream and answer Jake’s phone call about his lunch.  Basking in the praise, “mom, you’re the best!”

But I cut my mental health day short to pick up Will from school.  He was sick.  Drat!  I should have kept him home.

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