Thursday, July 31, 2008

Wallpaper Answers: The E! True Hollywood Story

Tuesday night someone who previously lived at our house came by and asked to look at it. I said sure even though I have partially stripped wallpaper, partially painted rooms and boxes piled everywhere. I thought that Michelle would take a quick look and be on her way. But no, she was at the house for one and a half hours! I found out a lot about her and her father, his remarriage after her mother’s death. I know she lived in Paris when she was twenty, and where her husband’s parents live (Dallas). She was delighted to see the house and I pumped her for information regarding the wallpaper.

She actually helped choose the wallpaper in the dining room, living room and hallway. She thinks the wallpaper that was put over wallpaper, paint and special wallpaper paper was applied by her father. I asked her if she knew what was under the wallpaper in the dining room. Direct quote: “Knowing my father, it is on top of more wallpaper.” I’m not surprised. But she gave me her father’s home phone, cell phone, address, social security number . . . . I can find him and hurt him. When I am arrested I’ll use the wallpaper defense, throw myself on the mercy of the court and pray that the judge has had experience removing wallpaper.

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