Saturday, July 5, 2008

Six Flags

Thursday, we took the kids to Six Flags. Lizzy is too short to go on a lot of the rides so my husband heroically volunteered to take her to Wiggles’ World. I took the kids on some intense rides. I am just too old for some of them like the Mind Eraser. I do not want my head flung from side to side hitting both sides of the “padding!” It gave me a headache.

We continued the family tradition of going to amusement parks in the rain. It was clear and hot until about 5:30pm. Then it started to rain heavily. We huddled under an overhang to avoid getting wet while Lizzy and Jake ate giant ice cream cones. Then Lizzy mentioned she was cold. I can’t imagine why.

Will finished soaking himself by rolling in a giant puddle. Fortunately, we had a change of clothes so for about one minute he was the driest of all. But his shoes were completely wet. He said “car” and “home” but the other kids didn’t want to leave. Will loved the Looney Tunes characters that walked around. He hugged the skunk we met for several minutes but ignored the Martian. Later on we ran into a group of about six different characters. He hugged Tweety and sang Barney’s I Love You song to it and tried to get him to sing along. Then he hugged the duck, then Bugs then . . . They thought he was cute and gave him an autographed picture.

The day went pretty well. We didn’t lose Will once (he was too tired to run anywhere!). Although, he tried to go up the Splash Water Falls conveyor belt, oops! Jake did run away because he was so eager to see Drake Bell in concert. It was soooo thrilling to see him. My husband had the kids about mid field sitting on a fence. (Bri took a picture -- we’ll see how it turns out.) But ultimately I decided that his music was not worth the sacrifice of my eardrums. So, Will and I hung out at a picnic table at the back where it was slightly less ear piercing.

Recap of the day: We stuffed the kids with fried foods and ice cream and took them on rides that shook their brains. The kids went to their first real concert with a Nickelodeon celebrity. We had only one trip to a First Aid station and only two escape artists. The kids had a brilliant time.

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The Hansen's said...

That sounds like a fun day!
As we were watching fireworks last night, J mentioned that it would be fun to watch them from Boston Harbor.
Start planning on us in the next few years! :)

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