Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Boston Driver

One of my friends drove me to Weston on Sunday. We had the good fortune of being behind an out of state driver (kidding, she had a Massachusetts license plate). I moved here over eight years ago and I like driving here. You know all those stereotypes you hear about how bad Boston drivers are; don’t believe them. Admittedly I make my husband drive in downtown Boston and it annoys me that there aren’t any road signs (I know, I know, if you don’t know where you are going you don’t belong here). And sure, you have to be careful especially in Boston about getting stuck behind a double parked car whose driver has run into Dunkin Donuts to get a coffee and read the paper. But if I put on my turn signal people don’t automatically speed up for fear I will pull out ahead of them, they let you in! Often they give up their right of way. And double parking can be convenient when you have groceries. However, on Sunday I had the dubious pleasure of riding behind the absolute stereotype of the quintessential Boston Driver.

We were late (because of me) so when we got behind someone driving 20 miles an hour we were a little concerned. We passed a 30 mph speed limit sign. Surely, we thought she will speed up now. She did – to 25 mph. “Is it an old lady?” my friend asked, “Maybe she’s lost.” Five excruciatingly slowwww minutes creep along. My friend taps her horn. Naturally, the driver slows down even more. We pass a 40 mph sign, then a 45 mph sign. A horn sounds from the trail of cars behind us. The passenger waved out the window. Finally, she turns off on a side street. We turned off shortly after that and I counted ten cars behind us before we were out of sight of the road.

Is it possible that some people have a genetic defect that causes them to drive like a butt?

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