Friday, July 11, 2008

And More Camping

Last night we started with three children sleeping in the tent. Then Bri came in because they wouldn’t leave her alone. About 10 minutes later Lizzy came in. I kept waiting for Jake but he fell asleep out there. Bri ended up sleeping in Lizzy’s bed and Lizzy slept in Jake’s.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like fun! Maybe we can set up the tent and let the kids sleep at my house, too? I bought Cocoa Puffs for Jacob today. (He had better still like them, or else...) We'll try not to eat them before you come. By the way, that's all the food that I've planned for your visit. So maybe Jared will have to go to the farmer's market again and buy many melons and another case of peaches--hahahaha.

Anonymous said...

OK... so that explains why there were 3 sleeping bags and two blankets in the tent when I took it down. I knew only Jacob had slept there the night before. How much bedding does one kid need (especially when it was over 70 degrees and humid)?


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