Tuesday, July 29, 2008

In case I need to wait for a table

I brought a couch with me to dinner. I didn’t plan to but it worked out that way. It all goes back to my old couch I meant to replace a couple of years ago but never did. When we planned to move to Texas we were just going to use the couch in the apartment for the one month we planned on staying there. But our plans changed and although I left our old rug in the dumpster we moved the couch to the house so there would be something to sit on.

I found the perfect couch for me but reality interfered and I realized that it would be foolish to buy anything but leather. SOMEDAY I WILL OWN A FABRIC COUCH! Marcy dragged me to a furniture store and I found that I liked the exact same couch as she did. The only hitch was that it came in cream. If I want the dark brown I have to wait 4 months. I liked the cream but I imagined Will with a permanent marker writing A E I O U or JUMP all over the couch. And I wondered it would be the wisest thing to buy (foreshadowing for a future event).

Saturday, Marcy and her husband went to the PIT where the furniture store sends all their floor models and anything that has been scratched. She called me because she found two cream couches! She bought one and I sent my husband to buy the other. Now we have matching couches. I feel like I’m in Junior High again because my best friend Sarah use to purposely try to dress like me. I was a little stupid back then and I didn’t realize that if you went shopping together and bought the same clothes that you would occasionally wear the same outfit. The identical twin thing was exacerbated by Sarah trying to wear what she thought I would wear on the same day I would wear it! I was stressed and embarrassed because I was worried people would think we had coordinated outfits the night before and my friend was trying to channel my inner, admittedly 80s pastel, fashion sense. I was a little upset with her when she told me she was doing it on purpose!

Now my life has come full circle. I have regressed to a 7th grade level and my house is wearing the same couch as Marcy’s.

The couch was still in my van when I went to dinner with DK because we didn’t have time to take it out. But I figured if we had to wait for a table we were covered (because we could sit on the couch in my van). Since DK is a brat and moved a half hour away she doesn’t come over to my house very much anymore so who knows who long it would have been before she saw it. “I brought a couch for you to look at,” I told her.

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