Saturday, July 19, 2008

Dancing Queen

Marcy and I went to see Mama Mia Friday. I left the theatre with a several thoughts. 1. So glad I didn’t take Bri! 2. Marcy is the right person to see this with. 3. Where is my ABBA CD? 4. Who would be up for starting an ABBA tribute band?

I enjoyed the movie. As much as I’m sure my husband will be devastated that I didn’t drag him off to see it, I couldn’t wait. (I’ll make it up to him when Menopause the Musical comes back to Boston!) I am going to have a Mama Mia party when it comes out on DVD. I will send my husband and children away for a night, put in an in ground pool in the backyard, and make myself a 70s sequined pantsuit!

The best part of the movie was the Greek chorus. I love any movie with one! I’d love to have one following me around! Wouldn't that be awesome? Any trauma or stress in my life would finally have an appropriate response. I wonder who is available and how much I'd have to pay them to follow me around?

Bonus: now I have a plan for my Halloween costume.

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