Monday, July 7, 2008

I’m Sorry Ma’am but You’re too Dumb to have a Mouse

The mouse on my computer stopped working. I could move it back and forth but not up and down. I took out the ball and cleaned it. Still didn’t work. I cleaned it again; nope, still wasn’t working. I fiddled with the insides. The part the made it go up and down didn’t really work. And worked even less when I broke off a little piece. I decided to try surgery.

My husband says that if you look inside something about half the time you can fix it. I opened it up. Perhaps my husband should have mentioned that you should be really observant about where things go when you open it up. I knew where the piece I broke off went but not where the little spring thing went or exactly how the little round circle lay on the other plastic piece. I called the time of death exactly 2 seconds after the first incision.

I opened the box containing the kids’ computer but their mouse used a different connector. Since I couldn’t use my computer to look up Dell phone number I called Marcy and asked her to look up their number so I could order a new mouse. Once she understood what I was calling about and stopped laughing at me; she told me the joke about the woman who was to dumb to have a computer and told me to go to Staples. I responded, “So I didn’t need to save the mouse for the model number on the back of it?”

Maybe I need a new mantra. How about I may not know stuff but I know people who do? Or at least I’m amusing, or perhaps Hey, she was laughing with me, not at me!

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