Thursday, November 27, 2008

The Second Annual Turkey Trot

Last year my cousin and her family came for Thanksgiving. She suggested that we all go to the park for a Turkey Trot. When I asked her what that was. She explained that it involved exercise. We all walked over to the park and she and her husband jogged around the park a couple of times and I jogged very slowly -- alright, I walked around the park.

Today when the kids and I drove up to the house I noticed the flock of wild turkeys was back in my front yard. The kids were very excited at the sight of an animal in their yard. (I swear that living here is the next best thing to the kids actually owning a pet because we see a lot of wildlife!) Will ignored the turkeys and ran into the house to go to the bathroom and the other kids stayed outside to watch the turkeys. Three minutes later I looked out the window in my front yard to see Bri doubled over laughing, Will running to the car completely naked and Jake running after him trying to catch him. Fortunately, Jake got him back inside before I could make it down the stairs. When I looked back outside Bri was chasing nine turkeys across the street.

Sometimes I really don’t know what to say to my neighbors.

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Anonymous said...

Are you related to Kirby?

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