Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Apparently I’m right out of a 50s sitcom, or at least I am according to Marcy

The kids were out of school on Veteran’s Day. Jake’s scout leader called and said she was planning a service project for the troop. When Marcy asked me what our plans were for the day I told her Jake and I were going to go rake leaves for a widow. She laughed at me and asked, “Why not an elderly couple?” She said that I sounded like I belonged in the 50s.

But the raking wasn’t all fun and games because we only had one good rake and both Jake and I wanted it. I got it because I’m bigger, but Jake wasn’t happy using the scavenged rake (it's partially broken and has dangling pieces) that I appropriated from my neighbor’s garbage on trash day. Fortunately, someone brought brownies and there were two adorable little girls that Jake gave rides to, so his day wasn’t ruined.

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