Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Life is Slowly Getting Back to Normal

The last couple of weeks have not been great. Bri was home sick for over a week with Pneumonia. Then I got sick, then my husband, then Will got an ear infection, then Lizzy got Pneumonia. I’m still giving Will and Lizzy breathing treatments. I don’t take my kids to the doctor very often because their pediatrician is a half hour away and that raises the bar in terms of it being worth my time. But I’ve made up for that over the last few weeks when I feel like I’ve gone twice a week. But the most ridiculous thing about going to the doctor that often is that they still ask me if anything has changed. I feel like responding. “You know, it’s crazy but when I left here four days ago I decided to sell my house and move so yes, I have a new address. And my husband got a new job.” Quite frankly, stuff doesn’t change that quickly for me.

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Anonymous said...

Not since last spring, anyway.


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