Sunday, November 30, 2008

The Circle of Life

My friend DK came over on Saturday with her kids. It’s nice because her kids are all younger than mine so anything we outgrow we just pass on to her. Sometimes I feel a little bad about the amount of stuff we send home with her, but not bad enough to stop. Yesterday, we sent her home with Lizzy’s kitchen, dishes and plastic food. She mentioned that she needed to buy some snow pants and long underwear for her son for skiing. I managed to find her both as well as a pair of snow boots.

The best thing about knowing you aren’t having anymore children is that once someone outgrows something it can go. I don’t have to think; well, maybe I’ll have another child in a few years so I better keep it. The bad thing about it is once someone outgrows something it goes. I got rid of a lot of toys years ago when Will didn’t have any play skills so I’m buying toys for the second time. Seriously! We are on our second train set and I really wish I’d kept the garage. Oh well, DK mentioned that once her baby outgrew some of her toys she'll give some to me.

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