Thursday, November 20, 2008

Look Mom, A Circus!

I was at the computer when I heard the door clink, thinking it was my husband coming home I ignored it for a couple of seconds. Then I got up to check on Will. Out the window I see William running across the yard in a baby blue tee-shirt and the inevitable pair of backwards underwear. I didn’t stop to grab shoes or a coat I just ran after him. We’re both running down the middle of the street, but I’m calling his name, telling him to stop and trying not to wet my pants because I need to pee. We run past a crew cleaning up leaves from a yard. A guy driving his truck down the street pulls up by me to ask if I need help. As I’m jogging I manage to incoherently gasp out that I’m just trying to catch my son and I put on a burst of speed and manage to grab him.

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