Monday, November 24, 2008

Maybe he wants to be home schooled?

Will started moving all the dining room chairs into the living room over a week ago. He either puts them in a long line or layers them two deep. Last night, as the whole family watched in kind of an amazed stupor, Will very carefully pushed the chairs to and fro until they were perfect with the front of one line butting up against the back of the other.

The chair moving is becoming a little annoying. When I bring my bowl of cereal into the dining room in the morning I just want to read the paper and eat my cereal! I don’t want to track down a chair and drag it back in the dining room while my cereal goes mushy. Or separate Lizzy and Jake as they fight over who gets to sit on the only chair at the table! Chair repositioning is not the kind of perseverating behavior I want to encourage in my nine year-old, why couldn’t he obsess over cleaning the house or reading to Lizzy?

Will had twelve chairs in the living room one morning! There were zero left in the dining room. But my greatest worry is that he’s getting pretty big, so big in fact that I can foresee him working his way up to moving around couches.

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